Madison Littlefield EN – Island VFX


Madison Littlefield, from Vancouver, Canada studied at Vancouver Film school for two years accomplishing a diploma in Visual Arts & Design and 3D Animation & Visual Effects. She was hired shortly before graduation by Gener8 where she worked for almost a year before moving to Montreal, Canada to attend the MPC academy. Upon completion of the course she remained at MPC for year working as a compositor, followed by two and a half years in Toronto, Canada working for Mr. X.

In 2018 she joined her fellow alumni and co-worker, Gabriele Ciaccio, with his other partners Francesco Ciulla and Giorgio Ciaccio, in starting their own VFX studio IslandVFX in Palermo, Italy.

To this point in her career she has worked on productions such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadmen tell no tales, Fantastic Four, A Monsters Call, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.